FAT32 on XP Pro laptop

  andyhuz 13:07 16 Jul 2003

Hello all,

I`ve discovered that my new laptop has the FAT32 file system installed on it. I thought that NTFS was the norm. for this O.S. As I will be working with large video files I intend converting it to NTFS. Will I encounter any probs by using the command prompt to do this as opposed to re-formatting? I would prefer not to re-install Windows as I`ve just spent a considerable time customising the settings and shortcuts etc.

Also, Acer have seen fit to partition my 40Gb hard drive to one 27.5Gb and one 9.75 partition. on the smaller partition there is a hidden folder called image with files totalling nearly 1Gb. These have the file extention "002" and "ACR". Is it safe to delete these files, if not what are they for?

Any help or advise greatly appreciated.

  arear 13:12 16 Jul 2003

Those image files are a way for acre to cheat you out of some disk space. Sometimes the computer manufacturers dont provide all of your restore software on a CD, instead the CD simply restores the larger drive using the image on the smaller one.
I would contact ACER to check that these files are not needed for restore purpouses first.
I think they will say they are tho.

  Taran 13:16 16 Jul 2003

Don't delete those files. They are the recovery files for your system so that if things go wrong, you pop in a recovery disk of some sort and it goes looking for the files to restore your laptop to the condition in which it was delivered.

Converting to NTFS is simple enough but unless you need the extra security features it offers, I'd just leave well alone. Windows on FAT32 is fine and if it ain't broke...

Alse be advised that some computers slow down a lot after converting to NTFS. One of my Toshiba laptops does this and I've never been able to improve on it, so I run it on a FAT32 hard disk with no problems.

  andyhuz 19:54 16 Jul 2003

Thanks for your replies. Could I burn these files to a DVD as back up to save my hard disc space for something that I want?


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