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FAT32 -v- NTFS

  Furkin 10:11 21 Oct 2010

Acer T120 Desktop. XP - sp3 - 2gb ram.
Not life threatening, but I thought i'd ask:
My machine has two hdd's.
C: 120gb Seagate (ide) - for normal use. This uses NTFS.
D: 40gb WD (ide) that I basically just store my music on. This is FAT32. (**As it's now full, I wanted to clear everything off this small disk to leave room purely for music. Being a bit dim, I'm not sure what of the files that I can delete, and what the disk actually needs to run. I'll ask that specific question later**).

Originally the WD was the C: drive & I added the SG myself. As you will see, I changed the priority whilst doing so.
I don't recall setting it up to use NTFS as I had never heard of it at the time.

I am now wondering what the difference is between the two systems, & whether it would be wise to have them both the same.

Any comments please ?

**If anyone can help here as well, it would save writing another post.**

thanks folks

  johndrew 10:26 21 Oct 2010

Given the age of FAT32 I should convert to NTFS. However to help you decide click here and click here

If you choose to convert click here

  Furkin 12:39 21 Oct 2010

Cheers John,
I think it's time to convert D: to NTFS. As I'm not sure what i'm doing, i'll make a folder on C: to copy everything to Justin Case I [email protected]@er things up. After converting, can drop 'em all back.

When/if I get help with the second part of my post, I can then delete what I don't need.

thanks john

  Burn-it 13:59 21 Oct 2010

Fat32 is more widely supported.
NTFS is not suitable for Flash drives because of the overheads and journaling.
exFat has been developed for Solid state storage (particularly Flash type)
I only use NTFS if I need big files and will switch to ExFat when it is supported more.
I use Fat32 because I used my external disk with machines that Do NOT support NTFS.

  Furkin 01:08 23 Oct 2010

I did change D: to NTFS. As it is a secondary drive, it's that that important.
I took everything off & converted. I then did a Clean Up & defrag.
I then just replaced the actual Music Folder - just trying to see if the drive actually needs any of the other files & folders. So far, it looks like No. So that gave me a bit more room.

thank all for your advice.


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