kissag 14:24 22 Feb 2005

Just purchased new 250gb USB hard drive to free up some space, create more storage for my mp3 files and as a back up for my system.

I have Windows XP installed so using NTFS seems logical, however, it could be suitable to use FAT32 so that in the event of problems I can use the disk on any computer with the FAT32 system.

With FAT32 is 250gb accesible for use or does it have to be limited to 32gb max partitions?

  Curio 14:28 22 Feb 2005

My 120Gb external HDD is Fat 32 and runs OK without partitioning.

  ventanas 14:35 22 Feb 2005

Not sure what you mean by "I can use the disk on any computer with the FAT32 system." It isn't the computer that has the file system, its the hard drive. I use ntfs all the time, its no contest.

Should you ever install it as a slave to a computer running Win Me or 98 then it would need to be Fat32 as these systems cannot read ntfs. But as you have XP this issue is proably irrelevant.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:42 22 Feb 2005

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  kissag 14:42 22 Feb 2005

>Not sure what you mean by "I can use the disk >on any computer with the FAT32 system."

I meant that I could use the drive with my lap top which is Win 98 or any other computer with Win 98 if need be.

But was just concerend if I have access to the full 250gb without partitioning under Fat32.

NTFS would be preferable but it would be useful if I had access to some of my files from a Win98 computer, especialy my back ups if the main cmputer went down, also transfering files from the lap top would be easier by just plugging in the USB HD to it.

  €dstowe 14:53 22 Feb 2005

My NTFS computers will read pen drives formatted in FAT 32 without a problem.

It isn't the file system of the drive that's important here, it's the files on the drive i.e. if I have a Word document ( in .doc format) on one NTFS machine and I need it on another then one way I can transfer it is to put it on a pen drive (FAT 32, remember) and take it over to the other machine and load it. I could also load it on to a FAT 32 machine if I wanted to.

  ventanas 14:57 22 Feb 2005

Sorry, missed the fact it was external. If you want to connect to your Win98 laptop then use fat32.

  kissag 15:16 22 Feb 2005

If the drive is formatted to NTFS, can I access it from a computer with Win 98?

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