FAT32 or NTFS - What's the difference

  machins 08:26 24 Aug 2004

My computer , supplied by Tiny.com, has just had an additional hard drive fitted (Drive D) to store video files. I have just started defragmenting and I noticed that Drive C is FAT 32 and drive D is NTFS.
The question is why two different file systems and also does it matter?

Can anyone please advise?


  ventanas 08:33 24 Aug 2004

Yes it could matter. I assume you have XP, so my advice is to convert your C drive to ntfs.

To do this open a command prompt and type

"convert c: /fs:ntfs" without the quotes.

You will get a message that the conversion cannot take place because the drive is in use. Set it convert at the next reboot, and restart your computer.

ntfs will provide more stability, and permit larger file sizes.

If your OS is 98 or ME do not convert.

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