sibuk 13:21 15 Jul 2003

Hi All,
Just a quick question, What is the best file system to use with windows XP, FAT32 or NTFS and what is the difference between the two, thanks in advance for any replys cheers.

  Da-B-Man 13:42 15 Jul 2003
  Webmaster 13:46 15 Jul 2003

On any system with an NT core, it is highly recommended to use NTFS v5.0 plus for maximum efficiency. I'm not arguing this on the basis of security as you may not need to secure your computer, but for NT kernals it offers far greater performance.

  -pops- 14:14 15 Jul 2003

My thoughts are if you have XP in FAT 32, leave it like that.

If you don't have XP installed yet then load it with the NTFS file system.

There is a risk attached to converting FAT -> NTFS as I found out once. Don't try it unless you have a full system backup.


  Webmaster 20:11 15 Jul 2003

Good point, forgot to touch on that matter.

  jazzypop 21:46 15 Jul 2003

What size drive are you considering using FAT32 or NTFS on?

Is it a drive that will be formatted and a fresh install of XP implemented, or are you considering an existing drive?

Will you need to network (on your own LAN) with a W98 or WinME PC?

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