Fat32 to NTFS on second drive

  ikoz 22:28 25 Jan 2007

have xp pro on drive c and me on drive f, i want to get rid of me and convert to ntfs so that i can put my xp swap files and back ups on drive f, would i have to install xp on the f drive as well in order to do this? or add a raid card? i don't think i need to install xp on the second drive but unsure about the raid card

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:31 25 Jan 2007

do not need raid or OS on second drive.

mve any data you want to kep from the second drive then
My computer - right click - manage -storage - disk management - right click the second drive -select format - select NTFS and format the drive.

  ed-0 22:34 25 Jan 2007

Do you have a dual boot system? i.e. the option to pick ME or XP as the computer starts.

If you do, you need to edit the boot.ini notepad file in XP.

You can then just right click the ME drive and format in the NTFS filing system.

You can then replace the paging file from "C" to "F" and use the remainder of the drive for backup.

Post back if you don't know how to.

  ikoz 23:12 25 Jan 2007

No dual boot system. installed new hd and installed xp made old hd with me on as slave,
Fruit bat
i thought as much but was unsure
thanks to both of you

  ed-0 23:17 25 Jan 2007

Then just right click it, in XP and format with ntfs.

You could allocated a small partition on the "F" drive to take the swap file / paging file / virtual memory. If you fix the size equal min and max levels. You should cut down on the fragmentation of files on the hard drive.

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