FAT32 to NTFS error mesage?????/

  matthew-293741 10:45 24 Dec 2003

happt christmas one and all~!!

firstly thanks to VoG for all his help yesterday regarding converting HDD formats, but i have another problem!!

I go into CMD and at the propmpt i put convert c:/fs:ntfs. Hoping that this will convert my HDD...but i get the following error message and i would like some advice as to what to do next!!

"convert cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Convert may run if this volume is dismantled first.All opened handles to this volume would then be invalid. Would you like to force a dismount on this volume y/n "


i am running xp home p4 yada yada yada, i have closed down all processess on my task bar (AV etc etc) so i was wondering what might happened if i press yes?

thanks in advance#

ho ho ho

  Jester2K 10:47 24 Dec 2003

You can't do it whilst in Windows! You are using the hard drive you are trying to convert!

You need to start at a command prompt and then do this. Press F8 after the beeps when the PC starts to get the boot menu.

  matthew-293741 10:48 24 Dec 2003

oic...thanks jester...i went to the MS support site, they didnt even mention that, i may be the thickest bloke in the world....they dont know that!!!lol

i will do just that...thanks mate

  matthew-293741 10:49 24 Dec 2003

jester...what doi i do when i get to the boot menu...what choices do i have and which is the right one?...an idiots guide would be helpful!!

  VoG II 10:50 24 Dec 2003

Type Y

click here

  Big Elf 10:51 24 Dec 2003

I'm working my way through click here which will probably have the answer

  Jester2K 10:52 24 Dec 2003

Should have read the whole page shouldn't i???

From VoG's link....

Type Y at the command prompt. The volume or drive is converted to NTFS the next time you start your computer.

  Big Elf 10:52 24 Dec 2003

Didn't refresh and EVERYBODY beat me to it:0)

  gold 47 11:10 24 Dec 2003

Go to accessories scroll down to the command promptand type in as you have already shown but put a space between convert c: /fs:ntfs

  matthew-293741 11:36 24 Dec 2003

a big thank you to all that helped me in this venture....i am now running ntfs!!!!!

cheers and have a proper chrimbo!!

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