Is a FAT32 HDD reformatable to NTFS ?

  Tinkey Winkey 19:10 05 Aug 2004

If I was to format a new HDD using FAT32 with windows Me, would I be able to reformat it later using NTFS with windows xp?

Are you stuck with the original file format that you first used when you want to reformat a HDD please ?

  VoG II 19:14 05 Aug 2004

You can convert it click here or I think that you get this option when you install XP.

  mettis 21:07 05 Aug 2004

Fast and simple to do with windows xp giving you the option to change format during installation

  User-312386 21:15 05 Aug 2004

No you are NOT "stuck with the original file format that you first used"

You can re-format a Hard Drive to anything you like and re-install

  Djohn 21:46 05 Aug 2004

As above. Also you can format and install all your files using the FAT32 system then change to NTFS at any time you wish without doing a format, XP has this facility built in but not sure on other operating systems.

Once using NTFS though you can't change back to FAT32 unless you format and start again.

  TomJerry 21:54 05 Aug 2004

without destorying data on it if you use speical program such as Partition Magic (I use it all the time). Partition Commander may be able to do it as well.

You can change any way you like, FAT to NTFS or NTFS to FAT.

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