Fat32 Failure

  saxman 14:54 14 Feb 2005

I have reloaded win98 and all the reboots worked fine until the o/s was fully loaded.I then switched off and when I switched back on, the bootup failed due to the "C:drive not having a fat32 system" this could be due to a virus. I then tried another hard drive which I formatted first and the same thing occured again. Win98 loaded without trouble but when I switched the computer on again I received the same message. I checked with fdisk and it said non dos system and no fat32. I put the drive in an external caddy for virus scanning but the m/c did not recognise the drive in the usb socket. Can you please offer any suggestions??

  FelixTCat 14:58 14 Feb 2005

How large is the drive?

Is it partitioned?

How large is the C: partition?

Did you format it with Fat32?

Did you make a Win98 startup disk when it offered?

  wobblymike 16:44 14 Feb 2005

I agree with FelixTCat's line to reload the |OS successfully you need to adopt the following procedure.

Boot your PC using a Win 98 boot disc when presented with the a prompt type FDISK - you will then be asked if you want to enable large disc support - select yes - when presented with the FDISK options page select Option 3 delete partition then when deleted select Option 1 create partition - the programme will then carry out an integrity check and will then ask if you want to create one large partition and make it active select yes then when done reboot your machine again and when presented with the a prompt type FORMAT C: the drive will then be fornmatted to FAT 32 - when complete remove floppy put your OS disc in CD drive then reboot (ensuring that CD ROM is set to 2nd boot option) OS will then load in normal way.

Hope the above helps - if you need more post back.

  FelixTCat 12:30 16 Feb 2005


Please note that I do not respond to emails from the message boards unless confidential information is required to solve a specific problem. If nothing else, it prevents others offering assistance or, possibly, learning how to overcome their own problems.

You wrote: "I have tried 2 hard drives 1st 800Mb and the second 2.1gB with the same effect both times. It loaded up as fat32 but as soon as the installation was complete it would not boot from ide-0. It boots fine with the windows bootup disc. But the boot up states that C: does not contain a valid fat partition. Fdisk(3)says partion type 'non-dos' and Volume Label and System are blank"

Decide which hard disk you want to boot from and make it the master disk (I would suggest the 800 MByte drive). Make the other one the slave and connect them to the same IDE channel.

Boot the computer from a floppy and run fdisk. If it asks you whether you want to work with "large" drives, answer "yes". On the first disk you must create a primary dos partition. It will ask you whether you want to use all the disk. I suggest that you answer "yes" if it is the 800 MByte drive.

Now change to the second disk (option 5 on the menu, I think). On this drive, do NOT create a primary dos partition; create an extended dos partition and use all the available space. It will then ask you if you want to create any logical drives within the extended dos partition. Answer "yes". With the size of your drives, you probably only want one logical drive, though you could create two if it is the 2.1 GByte drive (one for programs, one for data).

At some stage, probably now, fdisk will say that you cannot boot unless you make a partition active. Make the primary dos partition on the first drive active.

Now exit fdisk. It will tell you you must reboot - do so.

You should now be able to install Win 98 on your new C:\ drive. It will demand that you format all the drives first, which it will do for you.

If, when you enter fdisk iot tells you that you already have drives set up, use fdisk to delete them all and start again as I have listed above.

Note that you will lose any data on the drives by following this procedure, but I assume that there is none by your earlier postings.

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