fat16 or 32?

  2020 22:53 13 Mar 2004

hi i have just installed acronis partition and was intending to resize the current patritions which are too small, however when i selected the drive it itentifed it as fat16, all are in fact fat32..this really means nothing to me but enough to realise that there is some conflict? or at least i should check it out with people more knowledgable than me. what should i do? also can i change these partitions without loosing data.
in thanks

  LastChip 23:00 13 Mar 2004


  2020 23:23 13 Mar 2004

xp home on compaq deskpro p3 with 128 ram

  LastChip 23:44 13 Mar 2004

I can't imagine XP ever being loaded on a FAT16 partition.

But Compaq are a law unto themselves, and do some strange things!

  The Sack 23:44 13 Mar 2004


  The Sack 23:46 13 Mar 2004

Fat16 only supports partitions of 2GB so after an XP install that would give you a whopping 500MB to play with. XP does not support FAT16

  LastChip 23:48 13 Mar 2004

XP supports all Tables from and including FAT16.

  LastChip 23:55 13 Mar 2004

That is all Windows previous Tables. It will not recognize ext 2 or 3, the Linux format, but the reverse is not true. Linux will recognize all tables.

  woodchip 00:07 14 Mar 2004

Fat16 may be a backup partition what's the drive letter

  2020 00:15 14 Mar 2004

heres the detail: drive partitioned x5 each 2gb. it came with Win NT but i then loaded xp to the d drive, as you point out not a lot of space so i thought i'd resize the partitions...maybe i should take a different approach? or install win98? your advice is welcome with thanks

  2020 00:17 14 Mar 2004

file system states it is FAT32

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