Fat Task Bar

  menorcarob2 14:23 04 Oct 2003

i have had a fat task bar for ages not that it is a great problem, but i would like it to lose some weight, i have tried to drag it thin but no good, when i drag it completly off the screen it goes. can any one help please.


  MichelleC 14:32 04 Oct 2003

What os are you and is it at bottom or side of screen?

  menorcarob2 14:42 04 Oct 2003

xp pro and yes is it down at the bottom of the screen.

  Djohn 14:44 04 Oct 2003

You need to move your cursor the top edge of the Taskbar slowly, when the cursor changes to a black two headed arrow, then left click and hold your mouse button. at the same time drag the edge to the size you want. j.

  Legolas 14:48 04 Oct 2003

When you say 'fat' how fat do you mean. My task bar is about a half inch and that is as thin as it goes anymore and it disappears.

  Legolas 14:49 04 Oct 2003

sorry that should be any less and it disappears.

  Sparks 16:21 04 Oct 2003

In my case size doesn't matter if you pardon the expression, as I always have the taskbar on auto hide.

  menorcarob2 22:47 04 Oct 2003

its 1 inch and i am not happy

  Hitch-Hiker 23:19 04 Oct 2003

How many shortcuts do you have in it? If you have too many it wil be double hight.

  musicman19 08:03 05 Oct 2003

Right click on the taskbar and uncheck "Lock Taskbar".You can then resize or move it to wherever you want.

  menorcarob2 09:07 05 Oct 2003

still no joy

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