FAT 32 & NTFS on same hard drive, why?

  Rabi 23:11 21 Sep 2004

Have received 2 PC's as a donation from a charity (I am a missionary) for field work. They are running Windows XP. The Hard disk are 13GB, partitioned as FAT 32 9.5gb and FAT32 3.5GB (this is a Pentium III 650mhz), and the second 40gb, partitioned as NTFS 22GB & FAT 32 18GB (this is a Intel Celeron 2ghz).

My questions:
1) Why should I keep the partitions? This is the first time I am using a PC with partitions

2) Why does one of the PC's have a mix of FAT 32 and NTFS? This one in particular intrigues me. Why the mix, and why should I keep it? I am told NTFS is more reliable?

Thanks for someone enlightening me, and advicing as well:)

  Diodorus Siculus 23:21 21 Sep 2004

1 - Blessings on your work - Shalom to all you meet.

2 - No reason to keep what you have been given - maybe best to format and create a clean install of the OS.

3 - The advantage of the two formats is that Fat32 can be accessed via DOS (which can be useful) and NTFS is stable and faster.

4 - BUT: I would format both as NTFS and install XP. Create a system partition and a partition for data and things should be ok. As it stands, there is little point in keeping the mixture.

  Rabi 23:44 21 Sep 2004

Thank you Diodorus, & Shalom!
It is well in The Kingdom.
Help me out here:
For the PC running the mix of NTFS & FAT 32, can I format the FAT 32 partition without disturbing the NTFS portion, which contains the OS?
If so, how do I do this.
A similar question for the PC running 2 partitions with FAT 32 each, it is running Win XP Pro already, can I format & change to NTFS without having to re-install Windows XP?
Blessings for your patience...

  temp003 00:41 22 Sep 2004

On the Celeron 2GHz machine, you can just format the 18GB partition into NTFS. In Windows, click Start, Run, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter.

Then in the lower half, you should see Disk0. The second area, you should be able to see its description, 18GB, FAT32 etc. Right click this area, select format. You will be warned, confirm this is what you want to do, then you should be asked what file system to use, choose NTFS.

On the Pentium 3 machine, you should convert the C partition to NTFS first. [I recommend reformatting it in NTFS and reinstalling the OS, as a conversion in some cases can slow down hdd performance, but that is probably not noticeable.]

To do a conversion, click Start, Run, type cmd and press Enter. A cmd window will open.

At the prompt, type:

convert c: /fs:ntfs

and press Enter. You will be told this cannot be done, but will be offered to do it when the computer restarts or something like that. Say yes.

Restart, and before Windows is loaded, the conversion will take place.

Then when you get back into XP Pro, take the same steps as in the first case to format the 2nd partition into NTFS.

(If you want to keep the data on the 2nd partitions on both machines, you can do a conversion as well. Just type convert x: /fs:ntfs and press Enter, where x is the drive letter for the 2nd partition in question.)

  SEASHANTY 20:50 22 Sep 2004


  Rabi 01:53 23 Sep 2004

Thank you, guy, brilliant!
Took Dioduros suggestions & walked through temp003's instructions & all is well.
THANKS, and blessings.

  Rabi 17:40 26 Sep 2004

Issue now resolved. So simple, thought I was doing something wrong, but then, voila! My FAT 32 is now NTFS, no loss of data;

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