FAT 32 files too small.

  KWAKI 18:47 27 Jul 2004

I recently bought a DVD RW drive to burn dvd files from my hard drive but when i try to put the data on my hard drive it only allows 4GB to be stored. Most dvd's hold more data than this ,so how can i get the data onto the hard drive?

It gives a message about FAT 32 files only allowing 4GB to be stored but mentions something about NTFS files. Would it help if i changed to this? If so is it hard to do?

Thanks for any ideas.

  jonnytub 19:55 27 Jul 2004
  jonnytub 19:56 27 Jul 2004

xp and 2000 only

  KWAKI 19:05 28 Jul 2004

Ok ,i've tried this and i get a message saying 'enter current volume label for drive c:'

Any ideas what that means?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:25 28 Jul 2004

volume label is whatever name was given to your 'c' drive when when ran My computer or explorer he drive may have had a name othre than 'c'

If it had a name type it into the box if not try leaving blank

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:28 28 Jul 2004

When you convert from FAT to NTFS you are asked for the Volume Label to confirm the drive is the one you want to convert.
You need to enter the name of the drive/

Open Explorer and look at the drive you are trying to convert

Its should say DriveName( c:) - DriveName is the Volume Label

This is what you are being asked for...

  KWAKI 23:37 28 Jul 2004

I found the name 'VO1GB2 (C:)'but when i enter this i get a message saying that the wrong name has been given for that drive.
Any ideas?

  Chegs ® 00:20 29 Jul 2004

Right Click on the C: drive and select Rename from the drop down list.Name it anything you wish(bearing in mind the more complex the name,the harder to retype it during conversion)

  Chegs ® 00:22 29 Jul 2004

Also,you dont need to add the (C) bit,if you call it "fred" then typing "fred"(minus quotes)when asked will do. :-)

  jonnytub 09:08 29 Jul 2004

click here to help explain a little further click on my link, you will see a picture of "my computer", notice that i have two drives, one call Jonny and the other STORAGE, when your asked to type in the volume name, in my case,it would simply be Jonny or STORAGE, not the actual drive letters such as (c:) or (d:). These "bits" are left out. Hope this helps, regards jonny.

  jonnytub 09:19 29 Jul 2004

apologies for that link, here is the correct one click here

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