Fat 32 aqnd NTFS

  LAPTOPBABE 13:41 31 Oct 2007

I have two external hard drives, one I have had for ages which is partitioned into three. For some reason 2 partitions are file system fat32 and one is NTFS. The new external hard drive is not partitioned and is file system NTFS. I want to be able to access both drives wirelessly on my laptop, this I can do but I can only 'see' the ones which are FAT32 on 'my network places'. I can get them if i want to save something from a programme eg. put a photo on them etc. but if i just want to go to my network places to see some photos it will only show the drives which are fat32 and i don't know why and how i can solve this. Any ideas. What do these things mean anyway? Thanks in advance. Of course i have already done the sharing thing, and the third partition on my old drive hasn't always been a problem so i don't know why it has started now. Both computers are on windows xp.

  Batch 18:09 31 Oct 2007

You say that you want to be able to access the drives wirelessly. Do you mean without the drives physically connected to a PC? If so, does this mean that you have a network box that that wil support netowrk drives?

WRT FAT32 / NTFS. NTFS is the default file system for WinXP and beyond.

FAT and FAT32 are older file systems that are deemed less robust. Unless you need to access files from older systems that only support FAT32 or FAT, NTFS is recommended. I know that doesn't help solve your issue, but just background info.

  LAPTOPBABE 18:23 31 Oct 2007

No i connect through my router. The external drives are both connected to the PC upstairs and i want to be able to access them from the laptop downstairs, which I can the ones which are fat32, but the NTFS are nor showing on my network places on the laptop. I have always been able to access all three partitions on the old external drive before but the last few days i have had a problem. I have done nothing that i know of, but when i checked the file type i found that the partition i can't see is NTFS and the new drive which is also NTFS is a problem too. How can I change things so that the laptop will accept NTFS. The laptop is only 18 months old by the way and the computer a little older.

  woodchip 18:48 31 Oct 2007

You can only read Fat32 and not NTFS on a Fat32 System. Where as NTFS can read both

  Stuartli 18:56 31 Oct 2007
  LAPTOPBABE 23:42 31 Oct 2007

It doesn't explain, what the spaces between the words indicate, i have tried it a few different ways and i can't ge it to work. Can you explain exactly how i should type it, I would be converting the laptop to NTFS to match the PC so it will the 'C' drive.

  woodchip 23:46 31 Oct 2007

it is C:

  woodchip 23:56 31 Oct 2007

You are only allowed two spaces. Ther should be no space after C:\>

They have written it like this

C:\> CONVERT C: /fs:ntfs

It should be like this

C:\>CONVERT C: /fs:ntfs

  LAPTOPBABE 23:37 01 Nov 2007

I can't seem to get that to do anything, but i don't think the file system types has anything to do with it as the laptop is NTFS, and it is an NTFS partition which can't be seen. Is there anything else it could be? All the sharing bits have been done, boxes are ticked and applied. Any more ideas? Cheers

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