Fastest mobile CPU? ULV, Atom or Neo 2 ?

  je-haz 17:40 08 Aug 2010


I am looking to get a 13" Win7 laptop for around £400. I want to be able to watch movies on it which I know a lot of mobile chips struggle with.

I have found 2 options but each has a different chip, and I dont know which is best.

There is the Intel ULV Pentium Dual Core 4100 (1.3mhz) click here
Then there is the AMD Athlon Neo X2 Dual-Core click here

Surely the ULV is slower than even the Atom since the clock speed is less?
Which CPU is best? please help.

  woodchip 17:50 08 Aug 2010

atom is a Netbook CPU so not very much in power but films can still be watched on it. I have a Samsung nc10 10.1" netbook with Atom cpu that will play DVD film etc. But I have to use a External DVD player as it does not have a Optical drive as there is no space inside the Netbook to put one in

  DieSse 17:52 08 Aug 2010

All of those will play movies without a hitch - in fact much older and slower CPUs will play movies without a hitch.

Clock speeds are not the only pointer to CPU performance. How much a processor can do in a clock cycle, how much high speed cache and other design factors, also make a difference.

If t'were me I would be getting the novatech machine out of the two. The ULV processor means lower power consumption - and it's cheaper!

  je-haz 18:04 08 Aug 2010

thanks, altho the sainsburys one (hp/neo) is only 379 in store so not much in the price.

is the intel chip faster than the neo?

  VOT Productions 20:13 08 Aug 2010

is it HD movies or less

  DieSse 20:18 08 Aug 2010

"is the intel chip faster than the neo?"

No idea - is it that critical to you?

  je-haz 21:08 08 Aug 2010

hd movies yes.

its critical insomuch as these chips are not that powerful, so really i want the best i can get. i develop software in visual studio/sql server and those are 2 killer applications

  DieSse 23:08 08 Aug 2010

"i develop software in visual studio/sql server and those are 2 killer applications"

I would respectfully suggest that you should be looking at something more than a budget laptop then.

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