faster file transfer between PC and PS3

  lonemascot 12:20 21 Aug 2011

I have a wired network and i want to increase transfer speeds between my PC and the rest of the devices on my network.

I have the following:

Standard SKY broadbabnd router NAS gigabit enabled PS3 PC gigabit enabled
Sky HD box

all cabling is cat5E

Do i have to upgrade the router to allow a faster transfer between PC and NAS or can i do this with a 10/100/1000 switch instead?

  mgmcc 14:46 21 Aug 2011

You should be able to run a Gigabit network by connecting all of your devices to a Gigabit switch. Only the connection from switch to router (and any devices with 100Mbps adapters) would continue to run at 100Mbps.

  lonemascot 15:01 21 Aug 2011

Let me get this right. I'll get a gig switch and connect everything to that and then connect that to the router which will allow internet access to all my devices but will be capped at 100meg which should be plenty for my measley 4meg internet connection.

Any recommendations on what switch to get?

  mgmcc 08:30 22 Aug 2011

Although I was discussing this exact issue with a computer engineer about a week ago, I haven't actually used a Gigabit switch. It shouldn't require anything too costly, have a look on Amazon or eBuyer.

  lonemascot 20:25 22 Aug 2011

i bought an 8 port netgear gigabit switch from pixmania for £35 inc postage and vat.

Hopefully do the job nicely.

cheers for your help.

  lonemascot 02:10 26 Aug 2011

This has actually made it worse!

My new Netgear GS608 Gigabit switch is connected to the following: port 1) Sagem Sky Router (orange light so only 10/100) 1.5m cable Port 2) PC (green light so full 1000) 10m cable Port 3) SKY HD box (orange light so only 10/100) 1.5m cable Port 4) PS3 (green light so full 1000) 1.5m cable Port 5) Iomega Home media cloud edition NAS (green light so full 1000) 1.5m cable

All cabling is cat 6 and brand spanking new apart from PC cable which is cat 6 but about 6 months old.

Transfer rates between PC and NAS when connected through router used to be about 10mbs, now its 150kbs.

what the hell is this all about? Any help much appreciated.

  mgmcc 00:24 27 Aug 2011

I cannot see why the speed should have been so dramatically affected. As a test, what speed do you get with only the PC and NAS box connected to the Gigabit switch?

  lonemascot 11:04 27 Aug 2011

I found a little tool called LAN speedtest which measures the speed at which the network can write to another machine and the speed at which it can read it once it has been written.

to write a 1 gig file it tested at 151mbps in 52 seconds (around 20MBps).

Which is still kinda slow but a lot faster than when i try and copy a real life file from MY PC HDD to my NAS which averages around the 3.13MBps. which is up on my last reading of 150kbps.

That was done with the SKY and PS3 turned off and disconnected from the switch.

what sort of speeds should i be seeing? I know i'm not going to get 1000mbps but it surely should be a lot higher than 150mbps.

Do you reckon i have a nakered cable somewhere?

  mgmcc 22:25 27 Aug 2011

To be honest, I don't know what read/write speeds you should be getting. My only experience with Gigabit is connecting two computers directly with a crossover ethernet cable. Transferring files between the PCs was very fast compared with going via the router's 100Mbps LAN ports.

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