Faster file copying, please

  Housten 12:47 27 Feb 2013

Good afternoon,

I wish to copy 2 or 3 folders on a frequent basis to USB drives as an additional backup because of the importance of the files – to my wife and I – of the data that the folders contain. I have tried experimenting with Windows 7 ‘Copy’ command, but it seems slow. Does anyone have any ideas of any faster programmes? I have looked for and found ‘Robocopy’ and one or two others, but I can not get how to use them, and so I would be very much appreciative if anyone who has a suggestion could also include where and how I can get hold of their suggestion, but as important is how and where I activate and use the programme. By that I mean does the programme operate from the desktop or do I have to get the ‘DOS’ command window to open, and use it from there. I have been running round in circles, and would very much appreciate any help or ideas anyone has.

Many thanks in advance.

  northumbria61 12:51 27 Feb 2013

Right click "Send To" works for me.

  Woolwell 12:52 27 Feb 2013

Synctoy works reasonably quickly.

  Woolwell 12:54 27 Feb 2013

ps the file copying speed depends on the size of the file(s), the speed of the connection (USB 2 or 3) and what else the pc is doing. Other programs are unlikely to faster than copy.

  Housten 17:40 27 Feb 2013

Good afternoon northumbria61 and Woolwell

I must apologise for not replying to you sooner! I have spent most of this afternoon - doing what my wife calls - playing!! I have not really found any faster programme or technique, so I will just be staying with what I know!!!

Many, many thanks for your replies; at least I know now that what I am doing is probably not the best, but there are not other programmes that are much better!

  Housten 11:02 28 Feb 2013

Good morning northumbria61 and Woolwell,

Just to show you how annoying my computer can be when I was doing various copying tests yesterday I was getting up to 1.5 MB as the transfer rate, but much of the time was about 700 - 750 KB. This morning I had to transfer some photos to a USB stick and I was getting 10.3 - 12.6 MB transfer rate. So I tried the two folders I was using yesterday and got 3.5 to 5.2 MB for one and 7.5 - 10.7 MB for the other. Talk about confusing! But I now have another problem, so I will open another thread.

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