Faster drive setup for Photoshop CS4

  erkmatrix 09:58 05 Nov 2009

Hi I'm just seeking some advice on the fastest setup I could have my drives for Photoshop Cs4 and other design based programs.

Heres my options

Option 1
2 x Crucial M225 64GBSSD drives in RAID 0
then Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB hard disk for storage

Option 2
80GB Intel X25-M SSD Drive OS Drive
2 x Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB Hard Disks in RAID 1

Option 3
80GB Intel X25-M SSD Drive OS Drive
1 Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB Hard Diskfor storage
Kingston SSD NOW V Series 40GB SSD for photoshop scratch disk

The rest of the computer is
Intel Core i7 920 Overclocked to 3.8Ghz
Cool it Domino A.L.C
Asus P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard
6GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz C9 Triple Channel
Cooler Master ATCS 840 in silver
with Antec Signature 850W PSU
Windows 7 64 bit home

Also would you advise getting more memory or is what I have good enough really.


  erkmatrix 23:16 05 Nov 2009

Can anyone say which they'd opt for, I've heard good and bad about raid setups, still unsureif it would be just as fast without.

  woodchip 23:28 05 Nov 2009

Whatever you get it faster than any of my computers, and why you would want more memory beats me

  I am Spartacus 23:50 05 Nov 2009

You need to factor in a RAID Controller Card too if you're going that route, something like this perhaps click here

Graphics cards tested for Photoshop click here I've read the Nvidia Quadro FX cards are the ones to have for Photoshop e.g. click here

RAID1 is pointless if you're looking for performance.

Why not just limit yourself to a good high speed system and see what the performance is like.

  retep888 03:12 06 Nov 2009

Go for option 1,I have 2x Corsair Extreme Series X128 128GB click here in Raid 0 with Asus R2E motherboard using onboard Raid.

Running smoking fast,Photoshop CS4 and LightWave 3D work perfectly smooth and responsive,don't even worry about scratch files.

Gtx250,Gtx280,Gtx280Sli,Gtx295Sli & QuadSli all work very well with Photoshop CS4 under either Vista or Win7 but only Win7 can recognize my QuadSli Gtx295 in CS4.

You'll need as much Ram as possible,Photoshop CS4 is memory hungry.

  erkmatrix 14:08 06 Nov 2009

Hi and thanks for the advise guys

Right do some motherboards have onboard raid controller, is that right or I will have to buy the controller and spend another £270

I'd prefer not to spend another £270 on a raid controller as this PC is already stretching a budget, I just want it to last and be futureproofed for a good few years.

About the graphics card, cheers I am Spartacus for the info about Quandro cards I probably can't stretch to the Quadro FX 3800 and think I maybe should opt for the nVidea Quadro FX 1800 as it around the price of the Radeon HD 5870 I was going to get.

  I am Spartacus 14:32 06 Nov 2009

Many medium to high end boards have on-board software RAID. Personally I found it flaky and stopped using it some time ago.

I was trying to give you the idea that there's really no limit when it comes to spending to get the 'fastest' setup if you start factoring in specialised controller cards, fast SSDs and dedicated graphics.

  erkmatrix 14:45 06 Nov 2009

Yeah its so difficult to really know what to do for the best setup for the money without going down stupid avenues on things for little if no improvement of something much cheaper. so many combinations and options it deos become a mindache choosing.

I was kind hooked to raid 0 after seeing the speed of some using 2 ssd 60GB drives in raid 0 speeds of loading stuff up, so much faster as what I've got now.

  retep888 16:00 06 Nov 2009

I'm a Sli fan so I was stuck with the Nvidia onboard Raid which I do agree can be a bit flaky,however I never had any problem with Intel onboard Raid but Ati CrossFire isn't my cup of tea.

Since X58 came along which is an answer to my dream,had it run under Raid 0 or Raid 5 with VelociRaptors and SSD either seperately or together without a glitch for months now.

Of course it's your own choice whether to spend extra money on hardwares or use something which is already there and free(reliable too).

Lastly to Raid or not to Raid ,I always use a backup program such as Acronis TrueImage.

  erkmatrix 16:22 06 Nov 2009

Hi retep thanks for your comments

Yeah I think I'll go for the raid o option then I think, give it a try. Yeah I bought Acronis TrueImage In september especially for the new pc to backup and always used to doing that anyways onto my external drive. Never can be to safe when it comes to backing stuff up. I'll only be putting OS on them and programs.

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