Faster Broadband Free

  Tonsie 14:59 16 Dec 2009

TalkTalk are to give Free 24meg Boost to all customers next month.Them that are on their mailing list can get it now.Any one tried it yet?

  andyref 22:32 16 Dec 2009

Was with them but never again .
Had major hassle .....

  Tonsie 11:21 17 Dec 2009

Yes andyref I had many problems for about six weeks after setting up,I promised TT I would cancel if the service was resolved.After that I had no more complains.At the moment I am quiet satisfied with TT.

  Tonsie 11:23 17 Dec 2009

I should have said NOT resolved.Sorry.

  andyref 19:51 17 Dec 2009

Yes I got onto OFFCOM and they sorted things out and then went back to BT .
Its a shame but I need good service .

  Tonsie 11:43 18 Dec 2009

Your correct andyref the things and lengths you got to go to,just to receive a good service.
So is there any TT customer using this free 24 meg boost?

  andyref 18:40 19 Dec 2009

Tonsie , I am not to sure about free 24 meg boost .

  Tonsie 22:17 19 Dec 2009

Well andyref I am only passing this on from an email I received 14th Dec from TT.This would start next month,but could be now by using the
link given to existing TT users.My original question was,is there any one tried it yet?
Regards Tonsie.

  Tech Guy 16:19 20 Dec 2009

To get the 24Mbps you have to be on their "Pro" package.

I know Talktalk (ex employee) and they don't give anything away for free.

I still have friends there, so I'll drop them an email and see whats what.

Have you checked their website?

  Tonsie 19:40 20 Dec 2009

Hi Tech Guy no I have not checked TT website,but
I have checked my account and and I can only repeat what they said in an email. I am only asking has any one tried this free broadband boost?I also find TT claims questionable.
Maybe the Forum Editor could confirm TT statement.
Regards Tonsie.

  Tonsie 15:41 03 Mar 2010

No need for the Forum Editor to answer,confirmation is mentioned in this News section to-day.Free to all TT users.
Regards Tonsie.

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