fast speed!!

  vally 06:13 30 Jun 2010

quick explanation just to start this topic
have been losing connection daily for past couple of weeks, speed around 5-7mb was normal but yesterday I decided to connect my old modem as i had lost connection and couldn't get it back even though the internet light on my modem was green, the pc actually said -no internet access-plugged in the old modem and all of a sudden I am getting download speed of over 11mb, my exchange max is 8mb so what the heck is going on with talk talk, then reconnected my normal modem and speed was still up there!! and still up there today,
my old talk talk modem was a Smartax MT882
the one i use now is a d-link dsl-2740B
anyway it's not the gear is it, any ideas please

  vally 13:38 30 Jun 2010

got this from my talk talk forum

What exchange are you connected to ? Belstead
Is it near any outages or congested exchanges ? No
Do you have other telephone extensions ? No
Do you have an NTE5 master socket and if so have you tried connecting your modem directly to the test socket ? yes
Are you having any other voice related problems such as noisy lines and ringtone / ringing issues ? No
What modem are you using ? Make, Model and Firmware ** D-Link DSL-2740B
Are you using a telephone extension lead to connect your modem to the telephone socket ?Yes
What is your modem line attenuation down and up? (From modem status page) Not available
What is your modem SNR Margin down and up (from modem status page) ** Not available
What is your operation (connection) mode (From modem status page) ** PPPoA
What is your bandwidth down and up (from modem status page) ** Downstream Rate: n/a
Upstream Rate: n/a
Is your router indicating a Fast or Interleaved Data Path ? n/a
What security software do you have installed ? avast
What are your speed test results on the TalkTalk Members' Speed Tester -down 10.91mb
up 0.82mb
Are you experiencing the disconnections at any specific time ? NO
What lights change on your modem when you get disconnected ?
Which Operating System are you using on your PC / mac (and which version) ? W7

my exchange status checker says
projected speed 10.06mb
I suppose the speed tests are about right then, but it doesn't explain why the connection kept dropping and why the speed is suddenly double what it has been, unless someone has tweaked the exchange and not said anything, i certainly cant find any info on this site to back up what has changed

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