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Fast processor for HD video editing and disk burning

  manrow 22:16 18 Jul 2012

I am planning to start converting many VHS tapes to digital soon as well as edit existing HD camcorder recordings. In a national computer store today it was suggested I would need to look for a computer with an Intel i7 processor to cope with the workload. Is that good advice?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:05 18 Jul 2012


what do you have now? an i5 should be fast enough and a decent amount of memory.

  Nontek 07:29 19 Jul 2012

I agree with Fruit Bat /\0/\ .... an i5 will be fast enough. My own is i5 and together with 8Gb RAM, it flies along.

  hastelloy 09:39 19 Jul 2012

I also have i5 and 8Gb RAM - works well.

  eedcam 09:44 19 Jul 2012

Even my old P4 has no problems with video editing. Ram amd Disc space are more important For your VHS stuff I'd put it on dvd first les hassle and no messsing about with format changes with not exactlty the best quality material

  Jwbjnwolf 17:49 19 Jul 2012

It sounds your looking for a computer with i3 CPU with 6 ram at least.

I have i3 3.4ghz CPU in my mac, with originally 4gb ram (now 16gb) It works like a charm, and gives me plenty of power that I need and that I can see you likely need.

The most power greedy video editing task I done which was really greedy lol was making a stop motion video out of about 1,500 pictures, and 4gb ram only just managed to cope, but the i3 done it perfectly well.

That retail person seems to be saying you want the more costly stuff because that's more money for them.

I would say that an i7 would be really nice to get if it's affordable in your budget, but honestly, that really isn't what you need.

I know that mac and windows are different, but I'm guessing that you don't really need much more/less than a mac user for the same needs.

I guess an i5 would be good to look at first before i3 because you do get more horse power for I guess not much more cost, but in my experience, an i3 is plenty for my needs as i3 is still a very powerful range of CPUs.

  lotvic 18:10 19 Jul 2012

In a national computer store

I walked out of one of those when I overheard an assistant tell a customer not to use AVG or Avast as they were full of viruses and malware. He then proceeded to sell them the most expensive alternative anti-virus suite there was in the shop.

  Jwbjnwolf 18:27 19 Jul 2012


The only reason he likely gets viruses is because he's talking bull lol. His lies are the viruses, not the software lol. -_-

Sure deep lies lol

Avast and avg should surely give him an idea of a real infected piece of software lol. He deserves it saying all those lies lol. ;)

  chub_tor 19:21 19 Jul 2012

I do quite a lot of HD processing from my Sony HD camcorder on a home made PC with an AMD quad core processor and 16Gb RAM. For me the slowest part of the whole procedure is after the editing when it is rendered into ISO format so that it can be burnt onto a disc.

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