Fast Flash SD for N73

  Frosty120 23:12 05 Sep 2006

Hi, I've just upgraded to a Nokia N73 mobile phone. I used to have a Nokia 7610. The 7610 shipped with an RS-MMC memory card, which I have used in the phone for over a year. These phones are typically slow, however it seemed that functions using the memory card got slower and slower the more I used it. It got to the stage where it was taking literally about 10 minutes to open the photo's folder in gallery. Even when the card was empty it was slow to open. Obviously this wasn't good! I wonder if the problem was because the memory card was too slow?
Anyway I now have a Nokia N73 and it has shipped with no Mini SD card, so I'm thinking of buying one. Scan have a 1GB Mini SD for about £15 which seems excellent ( click here )! However, because it's cheap is the card also likely to be slow? I actually want to be able to use the camera on my phone this time! It would be worth getting a 512mb if it would be considerably faster.
I'd appreciate your help as I seem to be rubbish with flash cards! The XD in my camera tends to develop corrupted sectors and needs to be replaced every year! So I obviously bought the wrong format there!

  Frosty120 21:17 23 Sep 2008

Just checking my previous posts and found this one outstanding.

This is probably not going to be ready by anyone, but I did buy that memory card, it wasn't very good!

After about a months use the phone slowed down a snails pace and eventually wouldn't even save to or read from the card - which was less that 50% full.

Removing the card restored the phones operating speed.

Most interestingly, using a card reader to read the card on computer allowed me to rescue some of the files, but after a minute or so of being connected, the computer also slowed down. Windows became very sluggish and unresponsive. Once I unplugged the reader speed returned to normal.

Very strange.

Anyway, bought a 2gb for a similar price a few months later and it works a treat!

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