Fast BroadBand but Slow Web Sites

  RISC OS user 16:44 21 Nov 2012

My Broadband speeds is approximately 5,000 kbps, however, some of the web sites I visit are very slow. I have pinged them using PingPlotter and find that the first result is about 35ms but the second and subsequent pings were giving lower readings and at times the sites were not reachable. I noticed that the hops which gave the most packet losses were my BB providers. Is this normal or could this be giving the slow web site responses? The sites which are slow are BBC, PC Advisor, and There are others.

  lotvic 18:54 21 Nov 2012

It's like a car journey - the time it takes is dependant on the amount of other traffic and the speed limits. (Server speed at sending the page to you, the more that want it the slower it is as has to be shared out down the pipeline)

  spuds 11:21 22 Nov 2012

It depends on how slow you regard the sites are being activated, because as already mentioned various factors have to be taken into consideration.

Even when you do speed tests, these can vary, but one highly recommended and reliable speed tester is which will not only check local but further a field.

If you are really concerned, then it might be possible for your ISP to provide diagnostic advice. I did this with my ISP TalkTalk, and we monitored the situation over a few days, with the end results they were able to provide some solutions.

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