Fashion Cam Digital Camera - PC Advisor Review?

  dublincity 12:08 26 Nov 2003

I pasted the following from Google. The link of course just leads here and not to the hardware review referred to. I don't usually visit here during the middle of the day when the site moves like a snail. I can't find the review. If anybody can give me a pointer to this or any other review of the Fashion Cam - then I'd be very grateful. I've been given one but can't get my Win XP Pro system to recognise it despite using the function for reading Win 95 applications. Cheers.

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... At under £50 it’s astonishingly good value for money and an ideal choice for
anyone looking to buy their first digital camera. The Fashion Cam doesn’t ...
click here index.cfm?go=hardware.view&product=1108 - 35k - Cached -

  Stuartli 12:19 26 Nov 2003

Why are you using the Win95 emulation version?

Presumably the camera is a recent model in view of the fact it has been reviewed...

  dublincity 13:00 26 Nov 2003

Thanks - will look at the site Salinger. Stuartli - the camera was given out in an expensive package by 'Tiny' before they went down the pan (only to be back in business 5 minutes later). It went - 2 years ago with a Win XP system but the disc indicates that it is only suitable for earlier editions of Windows. Tiny acknowledged the balls-up in their death-throes and my ex paid the earth in £1 a min. phone calls, posted the camera away, paid for a home visit by a technician etc. I've inherited it, can't find the review and can't get the Win 95 emulation to sort it out. An ad on e.bay today does say it's ok for Win XP - I've bid £1.20 - wonder if I'd ger a newer disc?!

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