Farmville fault on specific PC

  Peter Lanky 14:08 28 Oct 2011

I realise there is a user support for this game, but it is completely useless. There is a part of the game which will not work on my PC. If I ask for items, I never reach the list of people I can make the request from, but merely see a timer in the form of moving vertical bars permanently. This only happens on my PC, I don't have the problem on other less powerful computers. I also get the problem whichever browser I use. I normally use Firefox, but tried on IE and even downloaded a fresh copy of Opera.

As I was going to do it anyway, I have even reinstalled Windows (Professional 64 bit) as a clean installation, but no luck. I initially thought it may be my Firefox, as I saved the details with Mozbackup, but then why does it not work on another browser? There is clearly something about my PC (Dell Vostro 430, Core i7, 8GB RAM, 500 + 100GB Hard Drive, 9500GT graphics) that this application does not like, but I just can't imagine what it is. It did work a couple of weeks ago, and has occasionally worked since, but very rarely.

Any suggestions?

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