Fans work but no lights on - won't boot up!!!!!!!!

  PC_HelpMe 10:59 31 Jul 2006


When on the computer the other night, it made like a little popping sound and the computer just shut itself down (no smoke or burning).

When i tried to reboot the computer, nothing happened - no power lights came on at all but the fans still came on.

(For the last few weeks, when i pressed the power button, i could hear the computer start to boot up, but it would then almost stop, before then finally starting up).

Can anybody help as to what may be stopping the computer from now booting up at all (save for the fans still working) but having no lights at all come on. Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  Belatucadrus 11:09 31 Jul 2006

Sounds like a hardware problem that's going to be very difficult to diagnose remotely, it could be the Power Supply or the MOBO giving up the ghost. First option is probably to fit a new Power supply, but unfortunately with such undiagnosed faults, there's no guarantee this is the problem or the necessary fix.

  jimv7 11:10 31 Jul 2006

Try another psu first.

  Diemmess 11:11 31 Jul 2006

A failure of the power supply unit would be my most hopeful guess. At least this is the cheapest and probably the easiest faulty unit to replace.
It is entirely possible for the PSU to still have a source for say 12 volt circuits but nothing on the 5v supply.

  rodriguez 11:26 31 Jul 2006

That popping noise could have been the CPU blowing - my mate's did that so they needed a new CPU. Take the CPU out and see if there are any black patches or signs of it being burnt out. Then try a new power supply and if it still doesn't work, try another CPU and then try a new motherboard. This is where it helps if you can get hold of spare parts to test without buying new ones, so see if anyone you know has any that you can borrow to try and find out where the fault is.

  Taff™ 13:19 31 Jul 2006

I agree with the diagnosis given. I had one identical to this with an e-machine a couple of weeks ago. It was the PSU but I then found out that it was a common problem with this particular e-machine.

Since it was about three years old and sytematically replacing the CPU, Motherboard and then processor would cost roughly £45 + Labour for each component we decided to replace the machine. Incidentally it also blew the USB modem that was attached to it.

  howard63 17:17 31 Jul 2006

this sounds like a fault I had with a new mobo a few weeks back. It was running fine but suddenly no boot up no beeps but fans were running. After a few minutes with the fans running I found the cpu stone cold. I took this to mean that the mobo was not powering up the cpu. A replacement mobo was then put in and all worked fine. So if fans run but cpu remains cold this is likely to be your problem.

  phono 18:07 31 Jul 2006

My initial thoughts would suggest PSU failure, can you borrow a PSU from another working PC to try in yours?

  PC_HelpMe 14:46 07 Aug 2006

Since my above posting and the help I have received so far (both from online and off), I actually bought a new computer as the other was really old. The problem I still have however, is trying to access/recover the work saved on my hdd. I therefore refer to my thread dated 06/08/2006 called "Replacement PSU help". I will keep you up to date as to whether my problem finally gets remedied.

(Thanks to all above for your help so far). Greatly appreciated.

  PC_HelpMe 16:51 21 Aug 2006

My problem was really more to do with trying to recover the data on my old hdd rather than fixing my old computer. I have since recovered the data and again refer you to my other thread "Replacement PSU help" as to how I (eventually) did it.

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