Fans Placement

  akzah 18:32 17 Aug 2003


After the recent hot weather I realised that cooling in my case was very poor. I had one side case fan which sucked air out over the northbridge on the motherboard. This fan however came with the case and free and is useless unless you are literaly 1/2 cm away from the fan.

Where would you suggest I place two fans?
As I have two case fittings for fans at the back of the case, I can't though place a fan at the front as there is no space.

Is there any site to help as well?

Thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 18:51 17 Aug 2003

depends to a large degree on where you can fit them.

The thing to bear in mind is that what you want to achieve is a flow of cool air across the motherboard and around the drives - particularly the hard drive. If you have intake vents on the front of the case the fans (when placed at the back) will draw air across the board. The CPU and probably the graphics card, will have their own fans, and these will be exhausting warm air into the case - although some high-end graphics cards have their own exhaust vents that take the heat out through the back of the case.

Air flow across the whole board is what to aim for, and remember that hot air rises - the top of the case will warm up, and you shouldn't stack anything on it. I've seen many a PC with a nice thick pile of old magazines on the top.

  DieSse 00:51 18 Aug 2003

If you put two fans blowing out at the rear, make sure you either keep the side fan, or block off it's vent - otherwise you may get an air "short-circuit" which doesn't actally do much cooling.

  DieSse 00:53 18 Aug 2003

PS - get good quality ball bearing (not plain, or sleeve bearing) fans - they're quieter - and you can also try mounting then on small rubber washers to minimise vibration - can make a noticeable difference.

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