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I have an Antec 1200 hundred case which I love to bits... Best case I ever had.

I know it has 6 fans with speed control low , med , fast for all 6 fans..

But they are at same speed no matter what am doing...

Is there a way to make them slow up gpo faster as needed gaming they go faster as temps go up in case and slow down at desktop and not heavy load?

A program or something?

I have an Asus P5e3-Deluxe motherbaord with q fan but the case fans dont seem to want to plug into them sockets..

Thank you

  mazuk 14:01 25 Oct 2008

Only way i could think is that you would have to re-wire all 6 fans into a fan controller board (which you have atm)and somehow find some input device which will communicate with the mobo. Usually a fan will run off a 4-pin molex off the psu or fan connector on mobo.

Thought so..

Is it to leave fans as they are then? It just a shame to have them running at speeds they dont need to be..

Not worth all the hassle really is it... Its stable etc..

  PO79 15:09 25 Oct 2008

I have one of these click here on my rig, seems to be what you are looking for.

  [email protected] 15:23 25 Oct 2008

low is quite high, if that makes sense. as PO79 says use a controller inbetween the psu and fans, and control them manually, even at 400rpm they keep everything cold and you don't have to clean the dust filter as often.

thank you

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