Fan stays on while in sleep mode

  SirMetal 22:36 14 Mar 2010

Hey guys, I have noticed just recently that my Desktop PC's fan stays on when I put the machine to sleep.

It never used to do this; one day a few months ago I updated my BIOS and ever since the fan has constantly stayed on (except when it's off of course).

I only put the machine to sleep today (for the first time in ages) and remembered that it does this, any advice?


BIOS - Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 18/08/2008

I'm running Windows XP SP3.


  northumbria61 22:50 14 Mar 2010

Do you have a USB keyboard and Mouse?

It could simlpy be down to your USB keyboard & Mouse.

Go into the device manager properties for your mouse and keyboard if they are USB
and go into the power management section and verify that "Allow this device to bring
the computer out of standby" is not checked.

Any USB device that is set up to bring
the computer out of standby needs a power source to operate, so the computer leaves
the power supply in the normal mode, keeping the fans on, and supplying power to
the usb root hub for the device. Maybe that helps some of you?

  I am Spartacus 23:29 14 Mar 2010

Make sure the Suspend Mode (or similar) is set to S3. You may also need to enable ACPI 2.0 Support although that didn't work for me on XP but it does on Win7.

  woodchip 23:37 14 Mar 2010

Settings for fan should be in the BIOS, it looks like its set to never turn off. you may be able to change it

  Input Overload 09:07 15 Mar 2010

You may need to clean out your CPU fan matrix as the CPU could be running hot hence the fans stopping on.

  Proclaimer 10:57 15 Mar 2010

the BIOS update could have a fan update hard coded into it to fix a known issue. Read through the Update log if there is one.

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