Fan speed

  Thatslife 18:18 15 Sep 2005

You may (or may not) remember my post about my PC crashing last week??? Well, it was the motherboard and now that's replaced everything's fine....... expect, the fan over the heatsink is spinning rather fast and making a lot of noise. Don't think it's the temp of the pro because it's the same when I turn on.

Is there anything I can check to ensure it's working ok?

  Diemmess 18:27 15 Sep 2005

and the fan like the old mobo may be failing.

The noise is likely to be a worn and chattering bearing not outright speed.

Substitution, but I would replace the fan (usually very cheap).

  Thatslife 18:33 15 Sep 2005

I'm convinced it's the speed Diemmess. It's only since the m/b was replaced today.

  freaky 18:36 15 Sep 2005

Some MOB's will show you the speed of the fan RPM in the BIOS. I have a Gigabyte GA-7DXR and it is shown in a section of PC Health.

The fact that your fan is noisy could be due to the following: -

(a) Build up of dirt on the blades.

(b) A sign that the spindle bearing is wearing out, or the bearings are dry of lubricant.

I would suggest you remove the fan and inspect it thoroughly, and if in any doubt then obtain a replacement ASAP!!

  DieSse 18:37 15 Sep 2005

Old fans often get noisy when they're disturbed. The best plan is to get a new one. Most fans are not speed controlled, so it's not that likely the speed will have changed.

  Thatslife 18:43 15 Sep 2005

It's only 9 months old but it was certainly disturbed today!

  Diemmess 18:49 15 Sep 2005

give it just one chance..... Like Freaky said, take a good look at the separated fan, brush away any spec of dust and the heatsink as well, and then if its still noisy replace it.

  freaky 18:59 15 Sep 2005

Sort it out as quickly as possible otherwise your bank balance will be DISTURBED by the purchase of a new CPU !!

  Thatslife 19:08 15 Sep 2005

Thanks for the advice.

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