fan problems

  pb3kp 11:12 07 Jun 2006

I have a HP Pavilion which has a problem with the fans. Every now and again the fans kick in, there is no time scale for this to happen. I had a person and he can not find the problem. I contacted HP and they were of no help. They transfered me to a lady in India?, and I could not understand her.

I would appericate any help forthcomming/ I believe the problem started when I reinstalled Winxp, but I;m not sure.

Bob. Chesterman

  Diemmess 12:12 07 Jun 2006

Fans obviously are there to keep things cool.
Most, in any bog-standard PC run all the time.
Are you saying that yours only run occasionally?

There are more sophisticated systems and your Pavillion my be one of these, where a heat sensor governs the speed of a fan and may even switch it off if the temerature is suffiently low.

The main power supply unit fan should run all the time and probably the graphics card as well, but extra case fans might be "part time."

If you have only just noticed them "kicking in" then it might be that the innards and particularly the fans themselves need a thorough clean, also the weather is hotter now by far that it has been since last year.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 15:04 07 Jun 2006

diemmess you are probabley right I have 4 fans on my pc 2 on power sulpy which are constantly running one onn gcard and one on casing , the one on the casing only fires up is it gets to warm in my room which is not very often now summer is here it will run abit more .pb3kb your fans is probbly not faulty it just runs when pc temp goes up like mine

  pb3kp 20:42 07 Jun 2006

This is something that started a few of weeks ago. I used to have it on 24/7 with no problems and that is in my bedroom. Now I have to switch it off when I go to bed. I was wondering if reinstalling Winxp would make any difference.

Bob. Chesterman

  woodchip 20:48 07 Jun 2006

If the Computer is Working OK then it's better if they are not running all the time. It's all for a quieter life

  Diemmess 08:50 08 Jun 2006

As said in first reply, clean the fans.
Dust seems to accumulate from nowhere and sooner or later will clog every heatsink and many of the ventillation holes.

Worse still it will build up on the blades of every fan, upsetting the aerodynamics and reducing its efficacy by a huge amount.

If you feel competant to open the box (after pulling the plug) then a soft paintbrush and a good puff of breath can work wonders on each and every fan. Better to remove the fan first and even a heatsink, but be very careful not to poke, scratch or abuse the mobo in any way.

The Power Supply Unit fan is best left alone too unless you really understand what you are doing.

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