Fan problems

  Schmooziphisus 15:44 03 Aug 2005

Hi, i'm having a couple of problems with fans:

1st: I have a newish (less than three months old) power supply and the fan is making a lot of clunking noise, suggesting it is hitting something. When i turn the computer on its side though it stops. Surely this means its some gravity thing or something?

2nd: I recently got a new graphics card (radeon 9800 pro) and after the above problem i've kept an ear out for any problems like that. I've now noticed that another fan is making a dodgy noise, and i looked at my graphics card and the fan on it was running really slowly.

Both these things don't have the problem all the time....just seems to be when im doing something like watching a vid i.e. when its at its most annoying

Other specs: windows xp, pentium 4 3.0 Prescott, abit mother board ic7g

  Belatucadrus 17:05 03 Aug 2005

When a new PSU makes strange clunking noises, there really is only one option, return it. It may be as simple as a bearing on the cooler fan, but it's not something you should try to fix yourself as that's potentially dangerous.

I also think it highly unlikely that a new graphics card fan would fail at the same time so would wonder if the PSU is simply not up to the job and isn't supplying enough power at peak demand. Either way my first action would be to yank the PSU and replace ASAP.

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