grove34 01:22 17 Jan 2003
  grove34 01:22 17 Jan 2003

bought a zalman pure copper flower cooler and 92mm fan.

after installing it my cpu temp is still at 42 degrees.

shouldnt the temp come down a lot more than this or am i doing something wrong.


  Spook Tooth 01:42 17 Jan 2003

42deg C? Sounds fine to me, especially with the savings in unwanted decibels.

What CPU?

Thunderbird Athlon cores produce much more heat than present available Athlons. Palamino core Athlons run higher than that usually, mine is belting out, on average, 56deg C, regardless of application in living room (warmish) ambient environment. Thoroughbred Athlon cores run at lower temperatures. The Barton may run with even less heat produced.

Intel Celeron, PIII and PIV will all run at different temperatures, as well as there being a difference between cores. I'm guessing you have Athlon... nothing to worry about in either case.

  grove34 01:48 17 Jan 2003

cheers spook

its an athalon xp2100 by the way

  Spook Tooth 01:55 17 Jan 2003

No worries - that makes it the last of the Palaminos then.

The trade off you have is noise reduction and that idle temp report suggests you'll be able to run whatever you like (games and high end video editing for example) and be far from the need for concern regarding approaching critical temps.

(Over 70 deg C is undesirable (esp if idling) but exceeding 80 would be very much a cause for concern.)

  Psiman 08:01 17 Jan 2003

Have an XP1900 running at 52 degC and an XP 2000 at 50 degC both fitted with Zalman copper coolers. Unfortunately I need the max. fan speed to achieve these temperatures, so slightly noiser than I would like.

  grove34 15:14 17 Jan 2003


  Spook Tooth 16:15 01 Feb 2003

Hey we could be the Zalman brothers, or Zalman appreciation society or something? Lol.

I fitted a zalman mini copper type one (not the flower one) to my own XP 1900+ and temp is higher than either yours, reading 55deg C, as it does now.

Find my own temps vary much more with the ambient room temperature, since most of the time it is very warm inside this room, but with the door open on a coldish day, the draft and extra cooling brings it right down. Not to 42deg C unfortunately, but it runs absolutely fine I'm pleased to say - overclocking it up a 100MGz doesn't affect the temp at all, so I'm happy.

Sorry for ressurecting this thread - don't come in here often, just checking a few of the old postings I made - hopefully the added info is of some use, either to you or somebody searching later on. Enjoy!

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