fan problem

  sunny staines 22:14 05 Aug 2006

The computer fan keeps slowing down juddering stopping getting loud etc getting very erratic. system only 3 months old. making the system run slow turn off etc.

could this be the power unit or something else.

  SANTOS7 22:17 05 Aug 2006

making the system run slow turn off etc. Don't think a dodgy fan would do that, i would look at the PSU first.

  phono 22:18 05 Aug 2006

Which fan? CPU heatsink fan, PSU fan, graphics card fan or CASE fan?

Any of the first three could cause your symptoms and depending on the BIOS settings so could the last one.

  phono 22:21 05 Aug 2006

It definitely could as if, for example, the CPU starts to overheat it will "throttle back" to avoid self destruction by overheating, BIOS settings can also force a shut down if certain temperatures are exceeded, the other items can have similar built in protection.

  SANTOS7 22:28 05 Aug 2006

Yes of course it could phono, you are right, one tends to think the PSU controls the fan and not per se the other way round

  sunny staines 22:30 05 Aug 2006

its the pentium 775 socket fan, sometimes when the pc crashes i have to clear the cmos to start. if i can't fix it i have to take back to novatech in portsmouth, [also had problems with ram sticks going defective] at present my remaining sole ram stick is ok. As i type the fan is chugging along like an old steam train labouring along. I have the side of the case off and the case it its side which seems to prevent some of the crashing but the fan is as described still.

  phono 22:37 05 Aug 2006

Sounds like a defective heatsink fan but if the system is only three months old and has already exhibited all those problems you have listed I would demand a replacement.

It is possible that some thermal damage has already been caused to the CPU or other components, I would also avoid using the system if possible, as you have the side of the case off do you have a desktop fan that you could place beside the case and direct the air flow into it?

  ExTrEmEbLoWoUt 01:37 06 Aug 2006

can you take the fan out and connect it to a 12v battery ? if it runs ok for the amount of time you have it connected then its not the fan !,, how many fans have you got in total in the chasis ? what processor have you got inside? what speed RAM >? xx

  Gongoozler 08:44 06 Aug 2006

The fan runs from the same 12V supply as the drives. If the PSU was the cause then the hard drive would be in trouble and the computer wouldn't work. The most likely cause is a faulty fan, but if the fan is temperature controlled then it could be the controller that is at fault and that may be integral with the motherboard. As the system is only 3 months old you are likely to invalidate the warranty if you start tinkering.

  sunny staines 14:15 06 Aug 2006

thanks for your imput, to keep the pc temp till i get back i have a standalone office keeping things cool the pc fan continues to struggle.

After mon i will be of the air till i get a turnaround withe pc. i will update the thread as and when.

thanks all for trying to help so far.

  sunny staines 13:31 14 Aug 2006

novatech been on the phone. they have replaced the PSU. Getting it back tomorrow.

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