Fan positioning: where's the best place?

  dagwoood 17:46 14 Jan 2005

I have purchased one of these exhaust fans:-

click here

This fits into where you would put a PCI card(which is at the back on my system)and sucks air from inside the case and vents it out via the silver end plate.

I could position it directly under my graphics card with a few millimeters clearance, but I am concerned that it would cause damage to the fan on my graphics card(I'm don't know whether graphics card fans blow air onto the GPU, or vent it away from it)or damage it in some other way.

I currently have it positioned beneath an L shaped sound card, which is in turn below my graphics card.

Any advice appreciated, dagwoood.

  chugby 20:11 14 Jan 2005

assume fan would blow onto graphics card combined with heat sink, try these links to help you decide what airflow requirements you need.
click here
click here

  dagwoood 21:52 14 Jan 2005

Thanks for the links, they made interesting reading, especially the second one where they test different configurations.

The exhaust would suck air away from the the graphics card, NOT blow on it. Thats why I started this thread as I didn't know whether it would be a good idea to place it so close to my graphics card.

Do graphics cards fans draw air down onto the GPU?

Cheers, dagwoood.

  Carpigiani 00:21 15 Jan 2005

I always use an exhaust fan mounted below the graphics card. Amazing the amount of heat it blows out.
I normally keep a spare fan as the bearings tend to get noisy after about 6 months use, but at £1.17 each that isn't really a problem.

  dagwoood 02:48 15 Jan 2005

Thanks for the input.

When you say below, do you mean immediately below, and has your graphics card got a fan?

Cheers, dagwoood.

  Mango Grummit 05:01 15 Jan 2005

When it comes right down to it you can't actually make air cooler by moving it about.

Unless you have assembled the machine yourself ( in which case anything you want to do applies) it's best to leave air-flow as the manufacturer intended.

In all my years of messing about with computers I have never introduced extra fans (cooling?) to a system. Air-flow through the case is the important thing and even in the hottest countries all over the globe the manufacturers have got it right.

If you think about it cooling needs colder air - where are you going to get that from? Not from fans for sure!

  Belatucadrus 10:49 15 Jan 2005

I have one of these fitted in a couple of machines, in both cases directly under the graphics card, however both cards are fan free with passive cooling blocks, so it enhances the cooling.
The obvious way of checking if the extracter fan is fighting the card fan when they are in immediate proximity is to listen to them. You would almost certainly get a lot of noise from turbulence and resonance, if they are opposing each other.
However I would not think that there's much point in moving it from where it is.

They do work and the internal temperature of the case does drop, because as the warm air is extracted from the case it's replaced by cool air sucked in through the air vents at the front of the case.

  Graham ® 10:59 15 Jan 2005

Can I assume, at that price, it is a passive device, as opposed to electric?

  Graham ® 11:14 15 Jan 2005

Just read more info, it's electric! The only concern I would have, is it going to oppose other fans and alter the flow of air away from other heat sources?

  wee eddie 12:00 15 Jan 2005

Surely "Over" is more logical, as hot air rises.

Mango Grummit really has a point.

If you really wish to increase the cooling within your PC run a flexible hose from the open air to the lower front input.

But then the boys won't envy you as it's not pretty and costs little.

  Carpigiani 13:00 15 Jan 2005

Mine is mounted under the graphics card to prevent the graphics card fan, which is mounted on the bottom of the card, from blowing even more warm air around the other components.
Basically what the exhaust fan does is suck the warm air blown from the graphics card out of the case, and so assists cooling by removing heat.
I agree that it will not physically cool the case, but it will assist cooling by removing warm air from it's source.
All any mechanical cooling device does is remove heat, be it refrigeration, fluid or air movement.

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