Fan Noise/Motherboard Change

  freddy-firecracker 13:10 28 Oct 2004

I had an engineer change my motherboard on my Cybermaxx/Medion PC.

The board was a straight swap from microstar to microstar(dont know which model though)

Since booting up i notice that the fan is on for the whole duration of the PC being on.
I dont think it was like this before.

The noise is a bit annoying. Will this have anything to do with the PC not being refitted properly??


  Noelg23 13:26 28 Oct 2004

what fan is this? the fan should always be on when the PC is on otherwise it wont cool the system down and cause overheating...

  pjwheeldon 13:55 28 Oct 2004

Depends on which fan it is and how its controlled. Do you mean the CPU fan? It should always be running at a decent lick. If its a case fan then these can vary speed if conected to some sort of fan controller. If just connected to a 3 pin socket on the motherboard will run at full speed.

  Charence 13:56 28 Oct 2004

if its noisy, maybe the fan's about to retire. If you don't think that the fan is meant to be on all the time, check that its been plugged into the correct socket on the motherboard. Also whilst you're checking that, remove any dust on the fan, cpu, case holes, heatsink, etc. by using a hoover or duster.

  Noelg23 14:03 28 Oct 2004

talking of removing dust I need to check my PC and clean it out...last time I cleaned it was 4 months ago...time a new spring clean...

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