Fan noise on Evesham computer.

  heavymetalkid 00:33 09 Dec 2005

I've just taken delivery of a new Evesham computer. The first problem was that the wireless mouse and keyboard froze repeatedly after about 10 minutes. I contacted Evesham (long time hanging the phone each time) and they told me that there is a bios problem and they would be sending me a floppy to rectify it. I'm still waiting for it. In fairness they did send me a wired mouse and keyboard which works fine so far. However I have a problem with, what to me is excessive and intrusive fan noise. Difficult I know but can anyone tell me exactly how much noise you are expected to put up with? The constant "whirring" is really getting to me. Secondly I understand that "Achilles" a Forum member is also a member of the Evesham technical team. If you read this mate could you tell me if this warrants a warranty service call out and, if so how do I apply for one?

  Jak_1 00:46 09 Dec 2005

Difficult to quantify fan noise as diff makes and cases are factors to take into consideration as is background noise or lack of. I doubt whether it warrants a call out.

  ICF 07:19 09 Dec 2005

Why do you have to wait for the bios file can't they point you to the correct file to download from their web site?

  mole44 08:04 09 Dec 2005

possible causes of the noise,case resinating or even what the base unit stands on,also is the fan very close to a grill that could also cause a whiring noise.

  jack 08:11 09 Dec 2005

Various AMD Athlone CPU/cooler assemblies are prone to noise My new builde Athlone64 can 'sing' at start up and then fade away This forum has many posts on the 'Song of the Athlone' If your Evesham is an Athlone based system then you are not alone.

  WhiteViper 08:33 09 Dec 2005

I too have an Evesham system, and the noise is load and very irritating. I've asked Evesham if it's covered by the warranty and they said as the components are working within spec, it is not covered.

I've resigned myself to buying a new, quieter PSU (probably Seasonic) to try and resolve the problem.

  keef66 10:21 09 Dec 2005

I too was surprised by the racket generated by a friend's new Athlon 64 based Evesham system.

I have spent modest sums silencing older Athlon / Duron pc's. If you investigate you'll probably find the noisiest fans are those on the cpu cooler and the graphics card. Whip the side panel off and carefully use a length of plastic tubing as a stethoscope to identify the culprit. (an old mechanics trick)

It's relatively easy to replace the cpu cooler complete (heatsink + fan)with something quiet and preferably with temperature control.

There are also cooling kits for graphics cards which incorporate temperature control so they make hardly any noise when the card's not under stress. If you become obsessed about pc silencing you can find (mid range anyway)graphics cards which are cooled by passive heat pipes.

I'd be surprised if the psu's to blame; these days most decent makes have smart cooling so they aren't going flat out all the time.

Are the case fans powered directly from the psu and therefore running all the time, or are they connected to headers on the motherboard so they are regulated / monitored by software?

  heavymetalkid 21:46 09 Dec 2005

Greetings Keef and thanks for the post amigo. I'm not an expert by any means.....quite the opposite. I'm reluctant to open the damn thing as I am an expert on cocking things up. I'm unsure if the case fans are powered from the psu> I've got an Intel Pentium 4 processor 650 Intel 915p chipset motherboard 1GB DDR, 256 ATI Radeon graphics. Any reaction to that?

  keef66 22:45 09 Dec 2005

sounds like a newish machine. If you don't want to delve into the case to identify the noisiest component, then just make sure it's tucked away on the floor under the desk rather than standing humming on top right next to your ears.

  thewashing 11:28 15 Apr 2006

I can sympathise with you. I am a faithful PC Advisor reader and when the current issue had a rave review of the Mesh Titan Matrix Supreme I decided to upgrade the Mesh machine I have had, happily, for 5 years. The machine arrived and looks great and seems to do the business too, BUT the fans in the machine are so noisy it is unfit to have on in our living room if you want to do anythng else at the same time. The issue is that the fans never stop and just run at a constant speed regardless of what the computer is processing. I have had the machine a week and it has been impossible to get any response from Mesh. I am still trying to sort it. I also think that PC Advisor should take note when they review machines and should take account of build quality and noise in their reviews - what do you say PC Advisor?

  Stuartli 11:33 15 Apr 2006

>>I'm reluctant to open the damn thing as I am an expert on cocking things up. >>

I would first ensure that you will not invalidate the warranty in any way by opening the case during the warranty period; Evesham will make it clear either on its website or the manual.

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