Fan noise again!

  gazmix 13:53 28 Feb 2008

I have a loud fan noise when using Spybot, but now, i've noticed that when i'm just surfing net & especialy when using messenger, i can hear a fan starting up & slowing down. It does this intermittently. Now is all silent, but 5 mins ago, it started, got to a level & then wound down!

Any advice on this as my warranty has just expired & can't afford to get it looked at yet!:(


  rawprawn 14:06 28 Feb 2008

Have a look inside and see if the fan needs a clean out. It could be an accumulation of dust/fluff

  oldbeefer2 14:07 28 Feb 2008

The speed of many fans is varied depending on the temperature of whatever they are there to cool. If it's the main processor fan then it will speed up when the proc is having to work hard. If it's doing it more now than it used to, it could be dust that reducing airflow through the component's heat sink. Might be worth removing the case and vacuuming the inside (without touching anything!).

  oldbeefer2 14:08 28 Feb 2008

....beat me to it!

  Gongoozler 14:08 28 Feb 2008

Some computer fans react strongly to CPU load, especially some laptops. If this is not a laptop computer and the noise is really annoying then you might consider fitting a low noise fan.

  johndrew 14:10 28 Feb 2008

Have you used something like Everest Home Free click here to see what the temperatures of CPU, motherboard, GPU, etc., are? This information may well help people here diagnose with more accuracy.

  MAJ 14:13 28 Feb 2008

It could also be that your fan is designed to work that way, speeding up when there's a load on the processor and slowing down when there's less of a load on the processor. If you have an option to check the temperatures of your components, see what the processor's temperature is. You might also download, install and run PC Wizard 2008 click here and click on the "Voltage, Fans and Temperature" section, it will give you some idea what the readings are.

  gazmix 15:13 28 Feb 2008

It's not happened at all for a fiew hours.
I can pinpoint an event when it happened, which was when i was adding someone to my windows messenger & they had a address!

This may be nothing to do with it, but whilst they were online, the fans were making their noise!

Is the link in MAJ's post, a programme that i can run as & when required or something that is working all the time in the background!
I'm just worried about using it & doing something i shouldn't! Experience tells me this!


  Gongoozler 15:23 28 Feb 2008

I have always found MBM5 (Motherboard monitor version 5) very good and non-intrusive. I can put the CPU and motherboard temperatures on the task bar. click here

  MAJ 15:24 28 Feb 2008

As and when you require, gazmix.

  gazmix 11:02 05 Mar 2008

The noise hasn't happened for a while, only when i used SS&D the other day!
I plan on taking the lid off & vacuming.

Should i unplug all from the mains & if i do this, will i loose any of my router settings?


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