Fan noise

  Migwell 10:28 25 Oct 2004

I have found over the last few days that there is more noise coming form my computer.
After trying various fans ie fan on video card fan on back of computer and the fan on my flower cooler It turned out to be the power suply.

Question, is it worth while to replace the fan on this, if so haw hard will it be to do. I have only had this computer case for a couple of month or so and don't want to have all the bother of stripping out to take it back under complaint. To then have to re-build the whole thing again.
I thought that a new fan would not be very expencive and more cost efective than replacing the power suply. Has any one had a simular problem before?
Thanks Migwell

  €dstowe 10:34 25 Oct 2004

There are a number of horror tales of the flash, bang, wallop type about opening PSU cases. Be very careful if you do try it.

For a new case, a failing fan is unacceptable and you really ought to seek some redress on being sold a faulty product - at the least a new power supply.

  polish 10:35 25 Oct 2004

it is not a big job to remove the power supply and why should you spend moeny on parts if under warranty also would be suprised if parts would be available as a note a power supply should be at least 350w

  JonnyTub 10:36 25 Oct 2004

I have done it before migwell, and although it is a lot cheaper, it's also very, very fiddly. Also unless your quite knowledgable in the areas of electrical components and aware of the dangers you should leave it well alone.

  JonnyTub 10:43 25 Oct 2004

click here although it's completely absent of any kind of safety tips.

  JonnyTub 10:44 25 Oct 2004

and also sonme good advice to follow:

All PC PSUs contain very high voltages and even with the power disconnected, the voltages stored in the capacitors can be easily enough to kill. It is not recommended to take the cover off any PC PSU for this reason unless you are absolutely confident of your own ability. Because of the grave dangers involved, all PC PSUs by law carry a warning label forbidding removal of the PSU case.

  Migwell 12:46 25 Oct 2004

JonnyTub Have noted the safety side I was aware of things like that but thank you for the warning any how.

Will give it a little longer to see what happens, it quietens down after a while about 10 - 15 mins. Once had this problem with a fan on the (north or south bridge) can't remember which, but just lifted the sticky lable and applied 1 drop of sewing machine oil, all was well for another year. Now have a mother board with a heat sink and no fan, so no noise there..

Thank you to all who offered help.


  Migwell 22:11 26 Oct 2004

The power supply was making such a racket last night after I got started on some work that it sounded like Concord trying to take off. Anyhow I took out the power supply tonight and took out the fan, I connected it to a 12V power supply, actually the car charger in the garage well it still sounded bloody rough. Having opened the power supply I have BUGGERED the chance of my supplier looking at it but I have quite a number of fans out of old computers which are still all the same even from the first computer I owned to others I have pulled apart and the fan that was making the racket, you could even hear it in the next room. I tried about 4 or 5 to find the quietest one, a stroke of good luck happened then as the best one had the same connector on the end to plug straight onto the little board in the power supply unit. Stuck it all back together and what a difference. Yes I kept my fingers well out of the way of anything that would give me a kick etc.

Thanks again to all for the confidence and in helping me do the job.


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