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Fan in my Vista Laptop dead!

  K*B 17:52 24 Jul 2013

Hello friends, I noticed yesterday that my Laptop running on Vista has all of a sudden become very slow. I wondered why, then I felt it had also become unusually warm/hot. Upon very close observation again I noticed that the fan was silent. So the laptop stays on for about an hour or so then the safety mechanism cuts of power. It switches off. If I wait for it to cool down and reboot everything is fine again until it gets hot, then it powers off again. Is my diagnosis of a dead fan right? What do I do? Please help. Thanks in advance.

  Nontek 18:02 24 Jul 2013

Not necessarily a dead fan, could simply need a good clean-out. Build-up of dust/fluff may be the culprit.

  spuds 18:09 24 Jul 2013

Because you cannot hear it, it doesn't always mean its broken. There should be a 'venting' slot, so try seeing if there is any activity there. With this very warm weather, the fan would perhaps work harder, laptops get warm at the best of times.

Failing any tests, then have a look at YouTube for instruction on dismantling your laptop. You should then have a better chance for a clean-up or repair?.

  spuds 18:11 24 Jul 2013

You could also download a diagnostic programme for temperature checks etc, before opening the case, and see if that tells anything.

  K*B 20:08 25 Jul 2013

Thanks to you all, the fan started running on its own this afternoon-just from the blues! and as I type now it's running. However, this confirms that it may have gathered lots of dust which needs to be gotten rid of. I'll take it to a repair shop tomorrow morning and have it cleaned up inside. Thanks guys.

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