Fan going into overdrive when PC off.

  c8uc8u 19:30 02 Jun 2018

Hello, I bought a new HP computer which is nearly 4 weeks old. When I boot up the PC, when the HP sure start logo comes up, over the past couple of weeks, occasionally there are white line running through it, like interference lines, but this only lasts about a second. Today, when I shut down the PC, the light didn't go off and the PC fan was running abnormally loud and fast like a hairdryer. Sometimes a fan runs fast when the disk is at 100%, but this was about three times louder and noiser than that. I thought it was going to break down the noise it was making.

Does anyone have an idea of what this could be. I had to unplug the PC to make it stop. I waited a while and switched it back on, and it seems to be OK now. Of course, how do I know it's not going to happen again. If I send back the PC saying it's faulty, they'll switch it on and it will appear fine. I do have a video showing the noise the PC is making, would that be enough for the company to accept the return for a refund?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:03 03 Jun 2018

Shut down on a win PC isn't quite a shutdown - the HDD can still be running fast and power light on even when screen has gone blank

Always better to leave it for a few seconds to settle down before removing power leads etc (laptop).

It could have been completing windows download configurations ready for an update so I wouldn't worry too much.

What happens when it next switches on?

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