Fan constantly on

  Whitster 11:00 22 Jul 2010

Hi, i am at the moment cleaning up a dell 1525 laptop for a friend, all seems to be going well apart from the fan is always on, i have run speedfan and the readings are 75C or above. I have blown out any dust from the fan but still the same. Also i have noticed that when you go onto the internet it sometimes locks up. any ideas

  onthelimit 11:02 22 Jul 2010

Are you sure all the dust has gone from the fan? I had a similar problem with an Acer, and there was a total blockage in the duct from the fan. Getting rid of it, fan ran slowly and no more lock-ups.

  Whitster 11:13 22 Jul 2010

ok i will take apart and blow out the duct to see if this is any better. by the way temp just got to 98c and i was only running a virus scan and it completely shut down.

  onthelimit 11:17 22 Jul 2010

Have a look at the layout - there is a copper heat sink which transfers heat to the fan area - that may have become disconnected from the CPU.

  Whitster 11:43 22 Jul 2010

Thanks mate, opened it up, is it just the five screws hold the heatsink in position.

  onthelimit 12:02 22 Jul 2010

Not sure, haven't got it here now, but you should be able to tell Ithe heatsink is secure?

  onthelimit 12:03 22 Jul 2010

Just twigged thet yours is a Dell - not sure if it's the same layout, but the problem still seems to be over hot CPU.

  Whitster 12:11 22 Jul 2010

your a star, sorted now. you were right there was thick layer of dust, obviously stopping the air getting to the cpu. Now the fan only comes on when it gets to about 55c, still a little high but the cpu usage is jumping about a bit so there are some process's running in the background that i need to stop. Thanks again

  onthelimit 12:44 22 Jul 2010


  onthelimit 12:45 22 Jul 2010

'Stopping processes' - don't forget msconfig.

  woodchip 13:57 22 Jul 2010

You may like me Fan control in the BIOS

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