Fan Been Put In Back To Front

  SebBux 14:56 03 Aug 2008


I have just noticed that the fan has been put in back to front.

It seems they ran out of the right lenth screws

If you look here click here

this is the type of fan i'm on talking about.

Will this damage the pc?

Pc is 3 months old


  jack 15:25 03 Aug 2008

If it concerns you - make do it properly
You paid them in proper money didn't you.

In fact thinking about it whether its sucks or blows it a bit academic I think so long as it creates an air stream.
Others may have different views of course

  mrwoowoo 15:27 03 Aug 2008

Not sure i'm with you on this one.
The fan and heatsinc sit on top of the PSU,so can't be put on back to front.
Do you mean the fan has been turned over and put on upside down?If so,i've never heard anything like it.
Regarding the question of damage.Download and install pcwizard and look at you CPU temps.If they're ok,then there's no problem.
I assume you have had no BSOD's or freezing,so i would imagine it's fine.

  iqs 15:29 03 Aug 2008

All the PC's I have built,I have the CPU fan blowing cold air onto the CPU.The rear fan should suck the hot air out of the case.

  jack 15:34 03 Aug 2008

Looking at the assembly the fan should have its boss and lable on top and the connection cable coming of the top of the fan housing.
Putting it on the other way puts the connecting plug on the wrong side of the MoBo for connecting

  mrwoowoo 15:37 03 Aug 2008

Strangest thing i've heard.
If you are sure about it,send it back and tell them to stick another fan on it.Or get one yourself as they only cost a few quid.
If it's drawing air instead of blowing you should see higher temps.
On an upgraded cooler that stands up and away from the CPU it's not so critical.Your problem is that it will be drawing air from the confined space between the heatsinc and board instead of from the free space above the board.
All new CPU's would have the screws with it.Was it second hand?

  mrwoowoo 15:39 03 Aug 2008

I'm with you,very strange.
How could you possibly use the retaining strap and clip, if it's upside down?

  mrwoowoo 15:41 03 Aug 2008

Oh.i see,sorry ,it's just the fan.
Still,if true, it's a bit of a bodge job.

  SebBux 18:53 03 Aug 2008

Thanks all for your infromation.

I will upload some photographs for you to see.

Thanks again.

  MarvintheAndroid 21:58 03 Aug 2008

This is not unheard of, some cooler manufacturers such as Alpha do this by design. I don't have much info, but found this review :

click here


  SebBux 22:08 03 Aug 2008


This side the screw holes are countersunk. On my old Acer Pc this side was facing inwards

click here

I have just unscrewed fan and turned it around. There is a sticker with writing on. The words protechnic. and Magic. On my old Acer Pc this side was facing outwards

click here

Thank you for time.

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