Family Tree to web page - Diagram format

  CLONNEN 21:07 11 Jul 2006

Is there any Family Tree software which can export to web page (html format) as a traditional Tree Diagram (me at the bottom, my ancestors at the top)?

The software I am currently using (Kith & kin Pro) only does Text Web Pages (an index of surnames, with individual pages relating to each person and family group). It also has Export to GEDCOM capability.

  Woolwell 21:30 11 Jul 2006

Family Historian only allows an export of a tree as a picture (JPG or PNG or BMP, etc). I think that it may be quite difficult to export it as html. But I am willing to be proved wrong.
Inserting it as a picture on a webpage may be the way ahead. IN my experiment a png file wasn't too big and the download time wasn't too long.

Family Historian does an ancestor outline report which can exported as html but it loses the lines.

  CLONNEN 13:23 13 Jul 2006

Family Historian I have tried but it wouldn't even import my GEDCOM file into it - it has more than 50 people in it. Apparently the LE edition which I have on a cover disc only does this many.

I am perfectly willing to do the Tree Diagram as a JPG if necessary but really what I was hoping for was to have each person on the tree have a clickable hyperlink to a webpage giving more detail about that person.

I did find out that the makers of Kith & Kin Pro do have a Tree-drawing program called TreeDraw but it only does Ancestor and Descendant type trees. I would like an All Relatives option to give an overall view of everyone in the family.

  DieSse 14:27 13 Jul 2006

I use Genes Reunited for this - all kept on-line, allows lots of details per person, and generates an on-line tree.

You can import GEDCOM files into it (though I haven't tried this.)

Viewers are restricted to those who you specifically allow to view.

click here

  Spark6 14:48 13 Jul 2006

and the site has the additional bonus of its Hot Names feature that encourages other subscribers to contact those interested in particular names.

  Woolwell 16:04 13 Jul 2006

You can add a hotspot to places on the jpg and have a hyper-link that way.

I have the full version of Family Historian and had no trouble importing Gedcom. I now have well over 400 names in it.
One of the problems with an all relatives diagram is that it can get quite large. By the way the Family Historian diagrams run within the program link to individual records by clicking on the diagram

  stylehurst 17:06 13 Jul 2006

have a look at Roots Magic, it has the ability to create web pages.
There is a pretty good explanation of the abilities of Roots Magicon the S&N website.

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