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Family tree from gedcom file

  Toneman 14:49 09 Apr 2016

I have downloaded a file of a family tree as a gedcom file, but am unable to open it using anything in Windows 10. Can anyone suggest a free app to show such family tree downloads? Thanks.

  Forum Editor 15:01 09 Apr 2016

Transferred to to Tech Helproom from Speakers Corner.

  Toneman 15:06 09 Apr 2016

Thanks, I did put my query in SC as being the one most folks probably look at most often?

  chub_tor 15:24 09 Apr 2016

I use the My Heritage Family Tree Builder Click Here the free download for it is just under the Get Started button and it also allows you to import Gedcom files. They will nag you to take out a subscription so that you can get Record Matches, but I always ignore those.

  Toneman 16:08 09 Apr 2016

Thanks, but have'nt found a way of just opening a gedcom file I already have to display the family tree in "tree form".

  alanrwood 19:11 09 Apr 2016

There is no facility in Windows to open a gedcom file which is a format specifically designed to use with the construction of family trees. You have to install a family tree program. There are free ones and paid ones. I personally use Family Historian which is a paid for program but I have found it to be excellent. Have a search for family tree program.

  Toneman 19:39 09 Apr 2016

Thanks, I was beginning to think that. The geneology program I'm using enables family trees to be downloaded as gedcom files, but you have to be online to open the file in "tree format".

  Toneman 09:25 12 Apr 2016

Not sure how to close this discussion. Think my previous is the correct situation. Thanks to all who replied.

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