A family pc?

  misters 18:51 24 Sep 2003

Hi i know this has been asked before, but my sis is planning to buy her 12year old a pc for xmas but not really sure what to buy, she does want something with a child protection and something that will help with homework internet access also good for games and messing about pictures etc.

Any ideas?
thanx in advance

  johnnyrocker 19:20 24 Sep 2003

you could look hear for advice but net nanny or some other guardwatch would need to be downloaded/bought but they do a very reasonable entry level pc which should meet requirements.
click here



  clayton 20:37 24 Sep 2003

Have you looked here click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:52 24 Sep 2003

Look no further........click here


  powerless 20:57 24 Sep 2003

G man!

I'm going on Saturday ;-)))

  misters 21:12 24 Sep 2003

Cheers guys, but shes a fuss pot also looking for a printer, scanner, and must be a tft monitor.

She seen one in index-shop, a q-tec dont know much about q-tec anyone throw some light on this.

  Tim1964 23:31 24 Sep 2003

Can't follow your link, it reports a timed out session and links back to the homepage.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:48 24 Sep 2003

click here and it is the last one.


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