False Colour on Website Photographs XP and Vista

  peter99co 22:19 19 Jul 2009

I use a website which displays two photographs where the Sky is brown instead of blue.(all other colours in the photographsare in error as well) I am also seeing other photographs on the same page where all the colours are normal. The Webmaster has said the photographs are normal at his end.

My laptop is xp and my pc is vista and both are using IE8. Both view the images with the false colours. They both also display the normal images

My Notebook (linux) using Firefox sees all the images with a blue sky.

Anyone know where the problem is?
I think it is the source photograph

The site put some for sale pictures up and these also had false colour (brown showed as blue etc.)

I took a copy and mailed the Webmaster.He received the pictures and was amazed to see the Blue colour where the Brown should have been.

  peter99co 20:58 20 Jul 2009

Can anyone suggest another forum I may try for an answer?

  ton 21:21 20 Jul 2009

Tried Firefox on the other computers?

  ton 21:23 20 Jul 2009

Also a link to the 'faulty' pics might help.

  peter99co 21:41 20 Jul 2009

The pics have been removed. I do not think there is any error with the receipt of the pics I think it is the source that is the problem.

I do not want to use firefox on the others at the moment.

  peter99co 21:49 20 Jul 2009
  peter99co 15:46 22 Jul 2009

A check on a XP machine using IE6 gave a true image so the problem may be a IE8 problem

  mark2 18:53 22 Jul 2009

gives a true view, IE8 appears to be the problem, save the image to my hdd and it appears correctly even though I appear to be downloading the blue version.

  DieSse 19:04 22 Jul 2009

XP with Firefox 3.5.1 - picture displays fine.

XP with IE7 - also displays fine.

Sorry - can't check with IE8

  peter99co 20:40 22 Jul 2009

It must be IE8 but what can it be?
I sent it to the webmaster and he is on IE7 and it was brown woodwork when he viewed it.

Some characteristic in the original image must make IE8 swop the colour round.

A seascape gave brown sky and bluish sand! all other colours are changed. red green etc.

ALL The photographs on the site and all other sites I visit are normal.

  woodchip 22:06 22 Jul 2009

Yes the link shows a Caravan in colour as it should be

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