fake police warning

  degssie 18:27 16 Dec 2011

I have clicked on a link and now I have a warning on my screen from Metropolitan police and Strathclyde police asking for £100 for a program to remove it. HELP Restore does not work and AVG can not find anything. I am operating in safe mode at the moment

  degssie 18:45 16 Dec 2011

Strathclyde Police UKASH Virus. The advise given on one of the links above to remove it are a bit vague and in poor English.

  robin_x 18:48 16 Dec 2011

Recently came up here

  degssie 20:32 16 Dec 2011

Robin, I followed the instructions on the link you posted and downloaded TDSS Killer and ran it but it found no Errors. Where do I Go from here?

  robin_x 20:43 16 Dec 2011

I think the poster said Malwarebytes nailed it.

  robin_x 20:46 16 Dec 2011

I'll have another look if it doesn't. There may have been two threads going.

bleepingcomputer.com seemed to have nothing at the time. They may do now. (or it was my bad searching)

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