Fake anti spyware and Malwarebytes error

  mermaid25 16:00 10 Mar 2010

yesterday I had a warning from a fake Antispyware program telling me i was infected and to download and run the program .
it was displayed like the 'my computer' window showing a couple of folder icons and disk icons and a list of infections.
I thought this wasn't correct so searched for a solution.
I realised I already had malwarebytes installed, so tried to update and got an error code
Did the scan anyway, it didn't find anthing and it took 4 hours!

today I have uninstalled Malwarebytes and reinstalled it ( twice and still get the error when updating. ( also, when i look in the quarantine tab it shows files already in there . surely if it has been removed and I am downloading and installing again it shouldnt have anything quarantined)
I know theres a lot of questions here, but am I right in thinking I need to sort out the Malwarebytes issue so it can find and remove. the fake anti spyware.

thanks in advance.

  Sea Urchin 16:06 10 Mar 2010

What is the name of the fake antispyware program. You need to stop the process before downloading and running Malwarebytes - your existing version will have been corrupted by the rogue program.

  dfh 16:16 10 Mar 2010

Have a looh here for details on the error message
click here

  mermaid25 16:36 10 Mar 2010

Sea Urchin
it doesn't have a name just says Anti spyware scan.

while i was waiting for a reply i did a quick scan with Malwarebytes and it found Rogue.Residue.

i have been looking at this list allday and trying all they suggest but no luck.

  mrmillimetre 16:42 10 Mar 2010

try spybot s&d firstclick here then run malwarebytes

  mermaid25 16:48 10 Mar 2010


spybot... did yesterday....no threats found

malwarebytes ..as i said in my last reply , just did a quick scan and it found Rogue.Residue

but i don't know if this is it.
last night I looked in Program files and add/remove programs but couldn't find any names of things that shouldn't be there

  Pine Man 16:55 10 Mar 2010

Have you googled 'rogue residue' lots of hits and lots of solutions.

  mrmillimetre 17:18 10 Mar 2010

Apparently ATF cleaner can deal with this click here worth a try

  Diemmess 17:21 10 Mar 2010

Could your nasty program be AntiSpy 2010?

If so.
SuperAntiSpyware will shift it.
A downloadable freebie which must be installed and run from a pen drive or other removable medium.

The computer must be started in Safe Mode, then run SuperAntiSpyware
Choose the full scan and accept the default settings.

It may take quite a time, very approximately 40Gb/hour.

At the end, accept the default choice of files to be rid of, then reboot having removed the pen drive.

I did this for a friend's laptop last week thanks to guidance from this forum.
click here

There was a problem with a missing file on rebooting, but this seemed to be part of the original mess.
There is another download which will sort this too - if needed.

  mermaid25 17:51 10 Mar 2010

thanks for all your replies, I'm not sure that it is Anti spy 2010, as there has been a name on the display.
i still don't really know what to do, so many options.
this program is not a nuisance ...I have only seen it 3 times, but laptop has been slow for a while.
I'm off out to work but will try a few of the suggestions when I get in about 9.30( I suppose another late night for me then!)

any more thoughts about the update error would be appreciated.

  mermaid25 17:52 10 Mar 2010

i did run CCleaner, is that the same as ATF?

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