Fair Price to Ask?

  SteveW1985 22:28 18 Mar 2006

What's a decent price to ask for a Laptop that is faulty and needs a new motherboard? I have no idea how much a motherboard costs, the laptop is a Tiny Powerlite 3200 bought for £699 in Sept 2004, 3.2ghz 40gb hard drive. Instead of repairing I want to sell it.

Any ideas?

  wbiggchiefy 22:33 18 Mar 2006

Are You sure it is the motherboard ?

What checks have been run etc?


  AngelofDeath 22:35 18 Mar 2006


Have you looked at e bay, it might give you an idea about a reasonable price to ask and a market place on which to sell it.


  SteveW1985 22:35 18 Mar 2006

Yes it has been checked by a PC mechanic and they diagnosed it as having a faulty hard drive, and needed a new motherboard.

  SteveW1985 22:40 18 Mar 2006

Yes its on ebay at the mo but someone has requested a buy it now price, theres a faulty Sony Vaio going for £350 and others at 100-150, where does my Tiny come in?

  AngelofDeath 22:43 18 Mar 2006


Well i would be tempted to say about 225-250 and see what reaction you get, if not ask them what they are prepared to pay.


  De Marcus™ 22:52 18 Mar 2006

Faulty hard drive AND a new motherboard?

Get a second opinion.

  Simsy 06:59 19 Mar 2006

Both faulty??!!

It could be possible, of course, but seems unlikely.



  PC Bilbo 09:21 19 Mar 2006

I repaired a laptop recently where a computer shop diagnosed a lady's laptop as needing a new motherboard and quoted £200 and all that was wrong with it was a faulty internal connection which I was able to put right fairly easily.

Get a second opinion.

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